Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Year - Dakar Annie ready to go!

Annie made it through scrutineering today - and met Good Old Friends! Tina Thörner, Viladoms, Wallentheim, Marc Coma, Despres and many more!

Dakar rally Annie Seel in Motorrad and Newsclick!

Dakar rally rider Annie Seel is in Motorrad today! Talking about navigation which is completely up-side-down from our Nordic perspective. Refering a coment on her status as of today, where she has very good potential since she has the balance and experience, this could be Annies Dakar! They also refer to the comenting on Eurosport, where they mentioned alongside the "pre-dakar" program that Annie actually never withdrew from any of her Dakar rallies! Very important when it comes to this lady - like a bulldozer - practically unstoppable!

Read full article here!

Annie is also mentioned briefly in the German where they are saing that she will start her fourth Dakar on her Superrocket and referring to her participating in the Eco enduro race!

Read full coverage here!

Sabotage failed in the Dakar rally!

The Italian rider Franco Picco has been a victim of someones attempt to sabotage his motorcycle according to an article in Italian!

It was on the road between the harbour, where all vehicles were parked, and the scrutineering area where the problem was noticed. The driver started to disassemble the engine on his 450cc Yamaha, once he noticed that the engine wasn´t working properly, only to discover  a white powder, which had a sweet taste was mixed in the fuel. Probably someone had poured sugar down his tank in an attempt to saboutage the start of tthe Dakar. And most likely it was carried out when the vehicles where parked in the harbour area awaiting the arrival of its owners.

Luckily for this Italian rider he was given respite to cleanse out the tanks, carburetor and others before going through technical check.

If Franco was the only one who has been exposed is perhaps to early to say.

Franco Picco is a true veteran when it comes to the Dakar rally, this will be his 17th Dakar! Good for him avoiding a complete failure and full ended sabotage!

Norweigan Dakar rider Pål Anders Ullevålster lends a helping hand!

"Dry and challenging" - that´s how Norweigan Pål Anders Ullevålseter prefers his rallies according to Norweigan newspaper Klartale today.

Next to Pål Anders, Guatemalan Dakar rally motorcycle rider Fransico Arredondo is seen, who will be riding together with Pål Anders as a "helping  rider".

Wish them best of luck and hope to see Pål Anders make his once in a lifetime Dakar, this will be his eight start!

Read full article here (Norweigan)!

In Pål Anders blog, which you might wanna follow here - he says scruteneering yesterday went fine and that he is all set for the start!

Dakar Track record Pål Anders Ullevålseter:
2009 6th
2007 4th
2006 6th
2005 withdrawal
2004 5th
2003 7th
2002 9th

Dakar motorcyclist joint venture

Recap - Top 10 Dakar rally 2009!

The 2010 Dakar rally wins are up for grabs!
   Here are the top 10 results of the 2009 Dakar rally!

Top 10 Cars
1 Giniel de Villiers/Dirk von Zitzewits (ZA/DE)
2 Mark Miller/ Ralph Pitchford (US)
3 Robby Gordon/ Andy Grinder (US)
4 Ivar Erik Tollefsen/ Quin Evans (NO/UK)
5 Krzysztof Hokowczyc/Jean-Marc Fortin (PL/BE)
6 Dieter Depping/ Timo Gottschalk (DE)
7 Miroslav Zapletal/ Tomas Ourednicek (CZ)
8 Leonid Novitskiy/ Oleg Tyupenkin (RU)
9 Guerlain Chicherit/ Matthieu Baumel (FR)
10 Joan Roma/ Lucas Cruz Senra (ES)

Top 10 Motorcycles
1 Marc Coma (ES)
2 Cyril Despres (FR)
3 David Fretigne (FR)
4 David Casteau (FR)
5 Heider Rodrigues (PT)
6 Pål Anders Ullevålseter (NO)
7 Jordi Viladoms (ES)
8 Frans Verhoeven (NL)
9 Henk Knuiman (NL)
10 Paulo Goncalves (PT)

Top 10 Trucks
1 Frans Kabirov/Detlef Belyaev/Artyr Kokeev (RU)
2 Vladimir Chagin/ Sergey Savostin/Eduard Nikolaev (RU)
3 Gerard de Rooy/ Tom Colsoul/ Marcel van Melis (NL/BE/NL)
4 Ilgizar Mardeev/ Viatcheslav Mizyukaev/Ayrat Mardeev (RU)
5 Franz Echter/ Detlef Ruf/ Artur Klein (DE)
6 Andre de Azevedo/ Maykel Justo/ Jaromir Martinec (BR/BR/CZ)
7 Pep Villa Roca/ Moises Torrellardona/ Joaquim Busoms (ES)
8 Wulfert van Ginkel/ Willem Tijsterman/Rickard de Rooy (NL)
9 Jordi Juvanteny/ Jose Luis Criado/Fina Roman (ES)
10 Zoltan Szaller/ Lazlo Karoly Poczic/ Tibor Csitari (HU)

Top 10 Quads
1 Josef Machacek (CZ)
2 Marcos Patronelli (AR)
3 Rafal Sonik (PL)
4 Hubert Deltrieu (FR)
5 Oldrich Brazina (CZ)
6 Carlos Avendano (ES)
7 Eric Carlini (FR)
8 Elisabeth Kraft (FR)
9 Olivier Pottier (FR)
10 Jose Maria Pena (ES)

Dakar rally weather forecast!

Weather in Buenos Aires today!

And weather summary on the 10-day forecast, is still  predicting the start of the Dakar rally to be sunny, clear skies, the highs reaching 29C/86F. Perfect weather for a start in the Dakar rally!

Will Dakar Annie Seel complete the Dakar rally?

Vote for Swedish motorcyclist Annie Seel, who is about to start her fourth Dakar rally, on Swedish motorcycle newscontributor Motorrad.

Question asked (right side of the center column)
Will Annie Seel reach the finishing line?
and options are:

-Yes, ofcourse, she always reaches the finishing line
-Yeah, but she will be hurt!
-Nope, she will crash and withdraw!
-No way, she will give up when her body can´t take the pressure anymore

Vote here!

Dakar rally scrutineering - team Tubus racing!

It´s a big NO  NO!

That´s what Team Tubus Racing first received trying to get acceptance on their competition vehicle in the scruteneering process yesterday! Due to the strapping of the extra diesel tank on the car...

Bad vibes in the area perhaps, but only for a few moments - the team quicly resolved the issue with the extra diesel tank.
-It´s a GO!, said head of Scrutineering to the team as they left the building!

And they sure are ready to enter the 2010 Dakar rally, go, go, GO!

Dec 30, 2009

Dakar rally co-driver Tina Thörner on Aftonbladet - with her blog!

Follow Dakar rally co-driver Tina Thörner on her blog - every day she says, eventhough it might be a little late in the evening when she makes her entries, atleast when it comes to local time in Sweden...

Read Tinas blog on Aftonbladet here!

Life in a box - the Dakar rally!

Swedish motorcycle rider Annie Seels box containing: spare engine, carb, extra roadbook, various spareparts, helmet light, some tools, silvertape, googlebag! Neat and tidy!

Here it is, the all you can pack Dakar rally Samsonite! 

This is what the 2010 Dakar rally luggage line looks like, a box out of aluminum!

Two of these is where you will keep everything during the rally! Your gear, your clothes, your tent, your toothbrush!

For the price of €500 the two boxes, plus 4 wheels will be carried by the organization. Yours to collect at every bivouac-stop! And by the end of the rally, you get to keep them!

Color: grey - new color this year, first time in ages it´s been changed, former color was white.

Only bad thing with the box is that it will rust when it rains... so keep everything sealed...

Dakar rally Wallentheim/Ohlsson in Härryda Posten!

Also Team Tubusracing and Pelle Wallentheim got their share of media today, in Hä
In the article Pelle says that it´s time for revenge! And that the plan is to win the "rookies" class.They sure got supporters agreeing to that on this side of the Atlantic!

Read full article here!

Swedish Dakar driver Pelle Wallentheim getting ready!

Swedish participants in the 2010 Dakar rally!

Dakar rally Annie Seel in Svenskan!

Annie Seel is in the Svenska Dagbladet today!

Talking about the Dakar rally from hell... cause that´s what last years Dakar rally was all about when it comes to Annie. But make no mistake - she is a true fighter - with a shoulder poped out of joint, engine problems aswell as a severe crash that caused her helmet to fall into pieces - she finished anyways!

A true Swedish fighter!

Read full article here!

Dakar rally VIP - you´re invited backstage!

Always wanted to know what was going on behind the curtains? Always eager to learn some more? Interersted in those juicy Dakar rally details?

Well, here´s your chance to actually dig deep down into the Dakar mud and find out what a mechanics life during the Dakar is all about.

Magnus Arnalid, Swedish mechanic, who has helped Annie Seel building her rally bikes several times, started his mechanics blog up and this is really an interesting and different point of view on the Dakar rally. When Magnus is not in the Dakar rally circus, he works at Arlanda airport, Sweden as an airplane mechanic.

Check his blog out here!

Dec 29, 2009

Dakar rally Wallentheim/Ohlsson getting ready!

Photo: Roger Pehrson/TUBUS RACING

Who said guys can´t be neat and tidy?

One of the most important aspects when it comes to rallying is how well you are prepared, and Team Tubus racing is definetely one of the teams that has most where it should be. And truely understands the importance of it. That is definately not something all teams will have, a neat, tidy and well organized truck where everybody knows exactly where to find gear, equipment and spare parts. Once the rally takes off, there can not, repeat, can not be any time or energy wasted on trying to find the screwdriver for the Robertson screwhead. Instead it´s all about perfect focus and maintanance when the time is given, and time is precious in the Dakar, you just never know how much you´ll have or how much you´ll be in need of to continue racing.

Pelle Wallentheim, Olle Ohlsson and team members of Tubus racing have been busy with their last minute preparations including unloading and loading of equipment, meeting up with other teams which will be using their truck as well. And of course cleaning off the vehicles - some might smile and think about what the motorcycles, cars and trucks will look like in only a few days - but then again who wouldn´t want to start the Dakar having a car showroom finish?

Aussies in Dakar rally action!

A friend of mine mailed me last night, saying he found a blog entry where Swedish motorcyclist Annie Seel was mentioned together with Australian participants of the Dakar rally. Today, just after noon, Annie sent a photo of Rob Pollard and his wife Alana (aussies), who also were in the blog posting, funny coincidence!

John Bouwknegt gave me the blessing to post his blog entry, which can be found and followed by other Dakar rally fans on motorcycle forum Adventure Rider. It turned out that John know Annie from the Australasian Safari rally where he finished just one place ahead of her, saying that she gave him some of the best tips on how to prepare his bike!

Hi everyone,

I received a phone call from Garry Connell an hour ago. He has made it to BA without any problems - apart from some difficulties on the first "special navigation stage" - from the airport to the hotel. Apparently the local GPS mapping system requires a degree to set up ... and Garry left his degree at home!

The story so far is he and Gazza (Gary Whittle) left from Perth at around 11:30pm AWST and arrived in Sydney at 6am AEST. They then waited 2 hours for Ritchie (the mechanic) to fly in before then departing on the 12 hour flight to BA. (Have you figured yet that I don't like trying to spell Buenos Aires).

On arrival in BA they bumped into Annie Seel at the airport so shared a lift to pick up the rental Hilux utes. The hotel has a secure area at the rear with locked gates and 24hr security on it with plenty of space for preparing the utes and working on the bikes. Garry has picked up his HusaBerg from Valerie, the ASO contact person in BA, uncrated it and got it running. He has now started the run-in process with the 15km ride from the warehouse to the hotel! The locals have been very helpful everywhere they've been so far.

At the hotel they met up with Rob Pollard and his wife Alana for a bite to eat and some drinks. They are having breakfast together this morning (tonight AWST). Rob can get his bike on Monday morning from the location the ASO ship is berthed, about 90kms north of BA. They have arranged, through Valerie, for a truck to pick up the three crates and deliver them to the warehouse that Garry's bike was in. They can then uncrate everything, load the utes and ride the bikes back to the hotel.

Kevin Elms, Rob's mechanic, arrives tonight (tomorrow morning AWST) while Magnus ,Annie's mechanic, arrives in the next day or two.

It was raining when they arrived in BA, and it had apparently been raining for a few days, but it is now fine and it seems is supposed to stay that way from now on.

I think that's everything I gleaned from the brief conversation. I will be getting contact details for both Garry and Alana although I am happy enough to pass messages on, reducing the disruption to their busy times.

John B

Rob Pollard with wife Alana

 Photo: Annie Seel

Dakar rally weather forecast!

Weather in Buenos Aires Wednesday!

And weather summary on the 10-day forecast, is now predicting the start of the Dakar rally to be sunny, clear skies, the highs reaching 30C/86F. Perfect weather for a start in the Dakar rally!

Dakar rally coverage in the US - Versus network


Livin in the US? In that case you gotta to tune into the Versus network to see the Dakar rally. Starting on the 4th of January at 3.30pm

Versus covers the Dakar rally throughout the US. Every day a 30 minute program featuring highlights from the day’s race will be aired, starting at 3.30pm with a replay later. The show is set to air daily from January 4th through January 18th, check the local listing for exact running times. After the finishing of the Dakar rally a 60 minute rerun will feature all fourteen stages, sent to you on Sunday, January 24th at 3:00pm.

Rumors are that there might be Swedish Dakar riders covered as well...lets hope for that!

Dakar rally tonight on Eurosport!

Don´t miss out on the pre-Dakar rally program tonight on Eurosport!

Local times below:
23.15 Eurosport Sweden
22.15 Eurosport UK
23.15 Eurosport France
23.22 Eurosport Germany
23.22 Eurosport Spain
23.15 Eurosport Italy

Swedish Dakar rider Annie Seel in yellow!

This is the helmet to look for!

It´s the fourth time Swedish motorcycle rider Annie Seel starts in the Dakar rally, and as always, the color of the helmet to look out for is yellow!

Not only that, on the back there is a motive of her! Made by Lasse at 360GFX.

BMW X-Raid Dakar driver Guerlain Chicherit - driving with passion!

In an interview with French Orange, BMW X-raid Dakar rally driver Guerlain Chichi Chicherit says that his aim is to win the Dakar 2010. At the same time he is being very clear about the fact that he still has a lot to learn and develop when it comes to offroad- and desert racing.

In the interview he says that the Swedish co-driver Tina Thörner is the person who can help him move one step up, and reach a more mature way of driving, and smoothen his passionate way out a bit. I think he is right, Tina is the person who could do that. Read about Tinas experience in the Dakar rally here!

Read full Orange article here (French)!

Tina on the other hand says on her site that if Chichi wasn´t her driver, she would make a pass at him, yep that is actually what she says ;-) and that he will be the next French driver in the top, a future Dakar winner. Tinas site will be multi langual in a few days, adding German and French!

BMW X-ride driver enjoys golf on snow!
Tina Thörner accompanied by a hunk in the drivers seat!
Car sickness in the Dakar rally!

Dakar rally Annie Seel in the harbour of Buenos Aires!

Yesterday Annie Seel went to the harbour to check her bike out, it was there alright, and so was this unexpected guest that had come along all the way from Singapore...

Besides looking at new interesting animals, Annie also got around testing her bike in the area.Today will be about testing it more!

Dec 28, 2009

The personal taxi team Dakar rally 2010

Dakar rally weather forecast!

Weather in Buenos Aires tomorrow Tuesday!

And weather summary on the 10-day forecast, is now predicting the start of the Dakar rally to be somewhat rainy, light showers, the highs reaching 30C/86F.

Wallentheim/ Ohlsson on their way to the docks in Buenos Aires!

                                                                  Photo:Andreas Pehrson

Swedish team Tubus racing, with Pelle Wallentheim and Olle Ohlsson, arrived earlier today in Buenos Aires and are now heading down to the harbour where all the racing vehicles are stored. Two days ago a big thunderstorm passed by the Buenos Aires area with heavy rains, which caused flooding in the harbour. It shouldn´t effect the vehivles, but we will see after the team reports back on their site!

Best of luck you guys!

Team Scandinavia and Thomas Berglund in Buenos Aires!

Team Scandinavia arrived yesterday in Buenos Aires, with Thomas Berglund in the lead, getting ready for scrutenering and last minute preps! He is certainly in good company with Norweigan motorcyclist Pål Anders Ullevålseter. Hopefully being able to enjoy the atmosphere even if the mind is set for racing! Best of luck in the 2010 Dakar rally Team Scandinavia!

Swedish co-driver Tina Thörner in Buenos Aires!

Already in Buenos Aires, the Swedish co-driver Tina Thörner. In the car together with Guerlain Chicherit in the BMW X-raid team! Add her on facebook, or pay a visit to her site!

All teams arriving in Buenos Aires!

They are all arriving in Buenos Aires, teams, riders, and fans of the 2010 Dakar rally, one by one or in groups!

A few of them still in the air, found on twitter and facebook:

Drama before the Dakar takes off!

Both Argentina and Chile are safe countries, still Swedish motorcycle rider Annie Seel witnessed something out of the ordinary, what might have been a robbery, or just criminals setteling things on the way from the airport to the hotell yesterday.

She had just met up with the Australian Husaberg team. Riding in their companionship towards the city of Buenos Aires. By a road toll, two other vehicles comes to a stop with squeling tires, one man pointing a gun at the other car, shouting at the same time. Everything happened really fast Annie says, and there was some money on the scene as well, then it was all over.

Sounds as if it was criminals in action, with a specific target, not a random robbery - glad to know Annie is safe and sound!

The drama will continue, hopefully without any more guns in the story though!

Dec 27, 2009

Dakar rally weather forecast - sunny start of the 2010 Dakar rally!

Weather in Buenos Aires on Monday!


And weather summary on the 10-day forecast, predicting the start of the Dakar rally to be under sunny conditions, at worst scattering clouds.


Eurosport interview with Annie Seel - Swedish motorcyclist!

Here is an interview with Annie Seel from the 2009 Dakar rally on Eurosport (English or French). And it´s just like she says "I never give up, whatever happens".

English version

French version

Check out new Dakar rally Volkswagen site!

Are you in to the Dakar rally, Volkswagen and participants Mark Miller, Giniel de Villiers , Nasser Al-Attiyah, Carlos Sainz, Mauricio Neves? Then here´s the site you need to visit: Volkswagen Dakar site. It provides you with all you can wish for, from the regular facts and figures, info on the riders, to link to the iPhone app and much more! Go check their new site out!

2010 Dakar rally Volkswagen teams and numbers to follow:
300 Giniel de Villiers / Dirk von Zitzewitz (co-driver)
303 Carlos Sainz/ Lucas Cruz (co-driver)
305 Mark Miller/ Ralph Pitchford (co-driver)
306 Nasser Al-Attiyah/ Timo Gottschalk (co-driver)
312 Maurício Neves/ Clécio Maestrelli (co-driver)

Volkswagen really seems to have stepped up filling the gap of Mitsubishi well. The iPhone app as one major aspect which must have caused best "pre-dakar" pr and media for long! Lets also hope for ROI. Also the banner advertisement on Eurosport shows the typical kind of Dakar "mode" to have the mind set for Volkswagen. Good work so far!

The downside of the site is primarly the overall look and feel, which is a major mistake out of a user and Dakar fan perspective.This is a site that should breathe The Dakar rally and Volkswagen, combined, without being a conflict. But the site is merely an attempt from Volkswagen to squeeze in the Dakar in it´s own traditional, clean, neat and tidy site. But that´s just the point, it doesn´t work that way. The Dakar was never clean, neat or tidy.

The Dakar is about passion, fighting spirit, wins, losses and ofcourse for each and every participant, no matter if you are the pro or the amateur - an adventure.

Last but not the least there doesn´t even seem to be a way of embeding or sharing the videos on the site... and noticed that the link on the English version from the center section takes you to Mark Miller, though you thought you´d reach Carlos Sainz. On the German site it works like a clock!

The first Dakar iPhone app is here!
The Dakar iPhone app/

The 2010 Dakar rally - rehersal facts figures and info!

One last minute check before the 2010 Dakar rally kicks off! In case you forgot, in case you just recently became a fan, in case you just didn´t catch it all!

The 2010 Dakar rally facts and figures:

2-16 January (1-17th) 2010
32nd edition will be taking place in Argentina/Chile.
2nd time it´s being performed on the other side of the Atlantic in Argentina and Chile.
9030km is the total length of the rally.
4810km is the total length of the special stages.

Number of entrants: 373

137 cars
156 motorcycles
28 quads
52 trucks

New cool stuff:
Volkswagen iPhone app - the first Dakar iPhone app hit the market in the beginning of December with great interest, lets see how it works once the rally takes off!

Race the Dakar on your own -Virtual reality - did you sign in yet? Go ahead, now the stakes are high - win a trip to the start of the Dakar rally, register here!


History of the Dakar rally:
Read more about the early rallies on the official Dakar rally site!

Unnecessary statistics about the Dakar rally - restdays
Countries passed and variations of the routes
The first Dakar iPhone app is here!

The Dakar iPhone app is here!

The alternative Dakar rally starts today!

Today is the starting date of the 2010 Africa Eco race, perhaps an alternative race to the Dakar rally?

It´s the 2nd edition, and a perfect choice if you wanna stay on this side of the Atlantic ocean. The race is starting with a shakedown in Portugal and the seaside resort Portimao, finishing in Dakar, Senegal on January 10th.

A total of 85 vehicles will be in the entourage, of which 50 will be competing.

The route
The race will pass through Morocco, Mauretania and Senegal, a total of 12 stages and 6200 kilometers, of which, 4000 will be special stages.

The race sporting director is René Metge (3 time winner of the Dakar rally in: 1981-Range Rover, 1984-Porche 911, 1986-Porche 959 amongst others...). The route has been finalized with José Maria Servia (also a well known Dakar participant...played a central role in the Masuoka/Schlesser battle in the Dakar 2001).

Familiar faces
Jean-Louis Schlesser (FRA) winner of the Dakar rally 1999, 2000 is back! He loves the African terrain and stayed behind on well known grounds!

Elisabete Jacinto (POR) who has a long story with the Dakar rally is also joining up as the only Portugese rider. She will be participating in her MAN truck. She is a former motorcyclist that went over to 4-wheels, but the larger kind.

It will be interesting to see the full entrants list, if there are some other familiar faces!

Dec 26, 2009

Dakar rally weather forecasts!

The weather today in Buenos Aires, Argentina means HEAVY RAIN and thunderstorms. Hopefully not to many of the entrants are being delayed, landing in Buenos Aires!

If you take a look at the weather forecast it looks like it will raining on the starting date of the Dakar rally, and then continuing. We´ll see what the forecast gives us in a few days.

This forecast was brought to you by:

Adventure Days 2010!

Perhaps it´s not the Dakar rally - but it sure smells like a true motorcycle adventure to me!

Adventure Days 2010 is a 4-day motorcycle event that will take place in Säfsen, Sweden on 17th-20th of June (weekend prior to midsummer holidays).

The event will offer riders a variety of driving in the surroundings, both paved and offroad, no matter if you are new comer to motorcycling or a veteran - the guided tours offered will be suited for either party! Learn more about your chock absorbers, suspension, tires suited best in different driving conditions, breaks and a listen to experienced riders from various backgrounds and a whole lot more!

Two packages are offered, including activities and 3 nights accomodations.
SEK1695/ €155/ $220 (without meals)
SEK2495/ €230/$330 (including meals)

Last year the event was fully booked, this year a maximim of 550 entrants will be able to take part of the Adventure Days, make sure to get your reservation - Sign up already today!

The Adventure Days is arranged by:
Touratech Nordic and BMW Motorrad 
in collaboration with Bike, MC-Nytt and Säfsen Resort

Motorcycle rider Thomas Berglund in Aftonbladet!

An article on Thomas Berglund was published today in Aftonbladet, finally all medias attention is on the 2010 Dakar rally!

Thomas says in the article that he is hoping for a stage win, and that is certainly what we all are hoping for!

Read full article here!

Swedish dakar team Wallentheim/Ohlsson in Bilsport today!

An article covering teamWallentheim/Ohlsson was published earlier today in Bilsport. Read full article here! (Swedish only)

The Dakar Rally anthem - a Swedish/Chilean contribution!

"Adrenaline is all you need, baby"

Swedish motorcyclist Annie Seel took off for Buenos Aires, Argentina, yesterday and ofcourse she bumped into another star: DJ Mendez heading to Chile. A great artist, who was born in Valparaiso, Chile, where the 2009 Dakar rally passed by.

Check out a few of the songs DJ Mendez (macabro records) produced throughout the years. First of all the "Adrenaline is all you need, baby" written by Robert Wåtz, Rasmus Lindwall, Patrik Henzel och Pablo Cepeda, would actually make the perfect Dakar rally anthem... got the south american heat and the perfect text ;-).

I´ve met DJ Mendez briefly on ceveral occasions, while I still was working in TV industry: ZTV, Dance music Awards, Big Bang etc He is the type of guy you immediately like, he´s cool, generous and just nice. Personal favorite is "Razor tongue".

Dakar rally photomania!

Wanna get nostalgic, in the right Dakar mode, or do you just plain and simpel wanna kill some time?

Here are some pics from Dakar rallies! Make your choice and enjoy - a total of 10 000 pics are presented in the various groups below.

The cross country rally raid Dakar Argentina Chile 2009

Dakar 2009

The Rally Paris-Dakar Chile 2009

Volkswagen motorsport - Dakar 2009 

Junta Flickeros, Dakar Argentina-Chile 2009

The Dakar 2008

Lisboa Dakar 2008 

Lisboa Dakar 2007

Lisboa Dakar 2007

Paris to Dakar - 2007 and beyond

Mitsubishi dakar rally raid cars pool

1981 Paris-Dakar